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The Game Bocks have over 30 years of combined professional experience.

The Photo Experience

You may choose to pay per image and pay full price, or pre-order a credit and get a discount. Paying per image is perfect for new customers to try out our services or if you simply need a single game photographed. Credits are like a retainer, we’re available whenever you need us. Just send us games and we’ll deliver them.

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David and Cathy are a joy to work with—quick, responsive, reliable, and kind. Their work is solid and they have a range of options perfect for everything ranging from social media to ecommerce to print ads.
Cassidy Werner

International Marketing Manager (Games), Ravensburger North America


Perfect for your amazon listings. Clean white backgrounds, brightly lit, properly edited, and designed to sell. We read the rules to every game we shoot to better understand the placement of components and products within the photographs to ensure nothing feels out of place. Clipping for transparent backgrounds is included upon request at no additional charge.


These are our “in play” photos. Typically shot in a very simple fashion without any special lights or equipment. Editing is designed to be clean, quick, and simple. These types of images are great for social media and one of our most popular and affordable options for most publishers.


Consider this the premium version of our tabletop images. These are more thought out and designed to be far more artistic than our quick and simple tabletop images. Typically we’ll include creatively shot close-ups of components. Sometimes, we’ll add custom lighting. More time will also be spent on post production of these images.

No props or custom environments.

Important: Please allow up to 1 month for delivery and scheduling. 


We go on location or create a custom set in our studio to create a unique environment for your game. We combine this with custom lighting, props, and sometimes even smoke and digital effects to create an incredible visual experience for your ads or website.

Important: Please allow up to 2 months for delivery and scheduling. Advanced booking is required. Please contact us well in advance of your campaign even if the physical copy of the game is not yet available!


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We're always accepting photo orders, but currently we only have one retainer space available!

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