We think about typefaces more than people should.

And that’s a good thing because it means you don’t have to.

Visual Communication Design

We’re more than just typeface pushers and the folks that arrange stuff on a page. We’re here to help make stuff make sense when you look at it. That means we’re graphic designers, art directors, and creative directors, copy writers, all rolled into one. Our goal is to ensure your games and ads make sense, not only when it comes to layout and typographic choices, but also that it’ll attract the eye of your customers. For many of our clients we go beyond graphic design and aid in directing illustrators and sometimes helping with game development and play testing. 

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David and Cat are excellent collaborators.  They helped create a new brand and refresh our line of games. They vastly improved our rule books in both in the way they were written and their design.  Their photography is wonderful and the marketing material they helped create is professional and fun.  David’s art direction and graphic design skills combined with Cat’s analytical and editing skills make them a powerhouse team. I truly hope to get to work with them again in the future.  We were able to create great products together!
Apryll Stott

Illustrator, Grandpa Beck's Games


While we’re always available as graphic designers for something as simple as laying out a rulebook or designing a game box, our target clients have us there as more of a creative director. This is where we shine as artists.

We’ll work directly with you and your team to come up with a plan to create an incredible looking game, with deep thematic elements and thoughtful design. We believe that every element matters when it comes to creating truly great looking products. Let’s chat and see where we can best help bring your game to life.

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Ads speak. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry promoting products and services in ways that grab attention and keep it. We’re available for web and print ads and can work in those crazy tight deadlines.

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We’re able to make big stuff. Like really big stuff. Like stuff that hangs from ceilings and fills out a booth or sticks to windows. And we’ve worked with some pretty big folks making pretty big games.

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