Let us take care of everything.

All your creative needs, all in one place.

Taking photos isn't just a hobby for us.

We have over 30 years of combined full-time professional photography experience.

Keep your customers engaged with your brand.

All-inclusive social media management. Let us do the busy work.

We're all about making things look pretty.

Complete board game development and production support.


Visual Communication

Let us help you guide your game from start to finish. Whether it’s writing the rules, giving creative direction to your illustrators, or working with your printer — we’ll be there for every step of the process. We’re also available for graphic design, advertising, environmental graphics, and websites!


We have over 30 years of combined professional photography experience and have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. We offer everything from white background Amazon images, to full creative studio photography.

Social Media

Let us take the busy work away from your Social Media Managers. We provide month-to-month scheduled social media management: eye-catching content and community-building engagement, all for a flat monthly subscription.


While we’re happy to aid you in fully rebranding your business, we’re also happy to simply offer our advice on ways in which you can improve your brand vision. We’re also here for play testing and development advice at a reasonable rate.

David and Cat are consummate professionals who excel at bringing your vision to life.

Mike Young

Industry Consultant

David and Cat are excellent at meeting deadlines and executing a vision under pressure.

Danni Loe

Marketing Manager, Pandasaurus

What an amazing collaborator! Thoroughly enjoyed working with David. He is excellent at problem solving, has fantastic skills, and is extremely talented at what he does.

Apryll Stott

Illustrator, Grandpa Beck's Games

David is a highly talented graphic designer with a good head for game mechanics as well.

Jeff Beck

Board Game Designer


Cathy Bock

Cathy Bock

Photographer, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Rulebook Editor

Cathy is a writer and volunteers as a reader for Atticus Review and Quarterly West. She works with David as Graphic Designer, Copy Writer, and Product Photographer at The Game Bocks (www.thegamebocks.com). Much of her time is spent taking photos for Ravensburger and Red Raven and providing Social Media Management for Red Raven Games. She’s worked on games from Cephalofair, Fort Circle Games, and others.

She is originally from Indiana, where she met David at Purdue, also getting her degrees in Visual Communication Design and Creative Writing. She loves to go backpacking and partakes in a weekly a game night in Grayslake, Illinois at the Gift of Games when she isn’t buried in a book.

David Bock

David Bock

Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Game Developer, Web Developer, Rulebook Editor

David works full-time in the board game industry with his wife as Creative Director and Graphic Designer at The Game Bocks (www.thegamebocks.com). He also works at Red Raven Games as Graphic Designer and Web Developer. David went to Purdue University where he got degrees in Visual Communications Design and Creative Writing. He’s worked on games with Cephalofair, Pandasaurus, and more.

He got his start in gaming playing historical miniatures and Battletech, even hosting some games as a teenager at HMGS Little Wars. This faded out of his life as he fell in love with film and video games until he decided to try a board game night and make some new friends. After playing Splendor and Castles of Burgundy, he was obsessed and is now the host of the game night he first came to, happily driving 45 minutes every Tuesday.

David has worked previously at Japanime Games as Marketing and Communications Manager, at Arcane Wonders as Social Media Wizard, and at Grandpa Beck’s Games as Art Director and Graphic Designer. He occasionally works with his dad at Normal Warfare Publications.